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YouTube Drawing   2 comments

If you leave a comment, I will send you a link to my favorite YouTube video. I will do a drawing of a random commenter who will get a link to a different YouTube video. Your comment is due the first of March. Thanks again to all of you who participate. I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks alot. Have a great week. Make sure I know your email address.

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Fireflies are peace makers   Leave a comment

In the hot
Rainy day but it will not put an
End to
Fairy-like fireflies
Lemon-sweet fireflies
I like each and
Every firefly like a
Symphony sliding

Across sky
Rarely are they in their house they are
Escorting you to the

Prairie those
Energentic fireflies
Cats come singing
Energy they have

Merry old souls they have
At midnight
Kings come from their palaces
Every time they are
Renewed and
Shimmering more than before

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This is me   3 comments

Hi my name is Bailey C. And this is my blog. I have lots of hobbies. One of my hobbies  — or should I say sports that I participate in — well one of my favorites, is swimming. I swim in swim team because I have finished my swimming lessons, and so now I do swim team — and sometimes I go do swim team. On top of swim team I like to play soccer. I especially like to be goalie or defense, but most of all I like being goalie. Sometimes I like to watch football. Well, if you could see me right now, I’m watching the Super Bowl. And I better tell you now, because I mean the Super Bowl only comes once a year.

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